What is the UC Library Reprints service?
The UC Libraries have digitized hundreds of thousands of public domain books from our collections. Many of these books are now available for purchase in reprinted editions. These reprints are made from images of the actual library books, digitally cleaned and processed for a better reading experience.

How does this service work?
It's easy. First, find a book from the UC Libraries that you would like to purchase as a reprint. Next, follow the link to the ordering page at Amazon.com, where you will be able to choose from various shipping options, usually including next-day shipping.

What kinds of books are available to order?
We are able to provide access to works in the Public Domain—that is, works that are free from copyright restrictions. This includes many works digitized from UC Libraries that were published in the US before 1923, along with some others that are not copyrighted.

Where did these books come from?
Our reprints are made from digitized copies of books in the collections of the UC Libraries. For more information on UC's Mass Digitization efforts, please visit the CDL Mass Digitization page.

What are the goals of the reprints service? How does it benefit the University of California?
Most importantly, the UC Libraries believe that offering their digitized collections as reprints will allow our patrons a convenient and useful way to access these materials. Fragile or out of print books, in particular, will be brought to more readers than they could have been before. These books are often difficult or expensive to obtain commercially, and we hope to help the UC community to do so more easily.

Any revenue generated by the service will help to support the work of the UC Libraries.

Is access to the service different for the general public than it is for UC faculty, staff, and students?
Since these works are in the Public Domain, we are able to offer them to everyone in the United States. Differences in copyright law outside the US mean that access outside the US may not be available.

How can I find and access these books?
Currently, reprints are discoverable in the HathiTrust Digital Library and via the UC Library Reprints website. Patrons can also search for our titles on Amazon.com.

Why isn't a particular book available as a reprint?
Many of the books in our collections are protected by copyright. The authors or publishers of these works still retain the rights to reprint them, and we therefore have not included them in our reprints service. Others have not yet been digitized by the UC Libraries. Finally, a small percentage of public domain books that have been digitized may be in process or have technical issues delaying their inclusion in the program. For questions about a specific work, please feel free to contact CDL.

Can books be printed in color?
Printing in color is currently cost-prohibitive. We may offer books in color in the future.

How will my book be delivered? How long will it take?
Books ordered through the reprints service are available via standard shipping options, ranging from 5-7 business days to next day delivery. Faster delivery methods are more expensive.

How do I report a problem with the service?
For issues related to billing, shipping, or ordering, please contact the bookseller directly. In most cases, this is Amazon.com.

For questions about the UC Library Reprints website, or for questions about the broader service or the books themselves, please contact CDL.

Can I read these books online for free?
Yes! These books are in the public domain and free of copy-right restrictions, so anyone may read them for free. They are all available at the HathiTrust Digital Library.

Can I download a copy of these books?
UC faculty, staff, and students whose campus supports authentication via Shibboleth can download many of the titles from the HathiTrust Digital Library. Please refer to HathiTrust Help for more information.

How are the books bound? Is the paper acid-free?
The books are bound in softcover bindings using acid-free paper.

What is the return policy?
Reprints are purchased directly from our online retailer, Amazon.com. Amazon.com handles book returns just as they would any other item. For more purchase information or to begin the process for a refund or replacement, visit the Amazon Returns Center.

The HathiTrust is grateful for feedback, which can help us improve our services and items in our collections.

The University of California Libraries Reprints Service Takedown Policy
The University of California Libraries are highly respectful of intellectual property rights. If you are concerned that you have found material for which you are the rights owner within our UC Library Reprints Service, please contact us in writing stating the following:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Identifying details for the material. Please include title, author, publisher, and date of publication if possible.
  3. The web address where you found the content
  4. A statement that, under penalty of perjury, you are the rights owner or are authorized to act for the rights owner

Use the feedback form or send your email to reprints_contact-l@listserv.ucop.edu, with a subject line of "UC Libraries Reprints takedown inquiry".

The California Digital Library will acknowledge receipt of your correspondence by email or letter and will make an initial assessment of the complaint. If we are not able to determine, within 10 business days that the Library is permitted to use the work(s) in question, the material will be removed from the UC Libraries Reprints Service within 5 business days of that determination.

We thank you for your interest and hope that you will enjoy and use these books from the UC Library Reprints Service as much as we do.

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